We are always honored when guests choose to worship with us. You’ll find we are committed to proving God’s love, place the highest authority on scripture, and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are casual, laid-back, and far from perfect. Fortunately for us, we worship the one, true God is who incredibly perfect and is far more concerned about the condition of our heart than anything else. Click below to learn more about us.



If you have ever visited downtown Canton during, you know how difficult parking can be. On Sunday morning, however, there is not a lot going on. If you are visiting, turn your flashers on and pull right up to the front of the building for spots we have reserved just for you. The other best places to park are on Archer Street, behind Downtown Kitchen, or in the old police building parking lot.


We have two identical services at 9:30 and 11:00 AM. Like many churches, the hour long service is filled mostly with a message and music. However, most of our music is at the end so we spend time responding the word of God and the move of the Holy Spirit instead of it being a warm-up to the "main event." We also spend time praying for specific prayer requests or upcoming opposrtunites to prove God's love. 


Our middle and high school students meet on Sunday nights from 6:30-8:00 PM. There is a 6th grade small group that meets on Sunday morning as well. Adventure Park for pre-school and elementary kids meets during both services to teach the truth of Jesus in an enviroment that is designed just for them. If you want to let us know you are coming, you can pre-register you kids before you arrive